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  • Betwitus is a sports prediction company for sports betting, that centers on predicting and betting for their customers sure two odds, with a full guarantee that they must win.
  • The name betwitus was derived from how the company operates and the services they offer.
  • the basic services is that we predict sports games for our visitors, they send us money to place the bet on our bookmakers which are Betway, Bet365 and Betvictor.
  • We predict sports matches like Esports, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Table tennis. Betwitus neither predict soccer nor basketball because is very hard to find sure odds from there. READ MORE

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Hello how are you? I am Essien, I’m Kenya British and media manager of betwitus.com 

Is really joyful to bet and win. Easy money(I call it) . Low investment, and high returns. Betting is really fun if you are winning. I can testify to that. 

But most times people usually lose and is really disheartening and sad. Sports is really hard to predict because anything can happen, and things don’t normally go as we thought. 

Is a sin to lose your money to betting companies like betway, bet365 or betvictor after listening to what i have to say now. 

Introducing, betwitus(Playground for millionaires), betwitus.com is an online sports prediction website that predicts two odds daily on sports like esports, ice hockey and cricket. They predict mathematically and statistically. They don’t predict football or basketball because mathematical predictions on them fails usually. 

Betwitus are the risk takers on any game you bet with them. 100% money back guarantee in any money you give them to bet for you if the matches they predicted was a loss. This is so amazing. 

This is how it goes, in every game you pay betwitus to bet for you, they have an interest on it. The two odds is shared. Betwitus gives you 1.4 odds and collect 0.6 odds. For instance, if you bet with $20 dollars because is 2 odds total winning is $40 but betwitus pays you $28 and they will be left with $12

So what are you waiting for, visit betwitus.com, create an account and start betting. You pay through PayPal, debit/credit card, bitcoin and other crypto currency. Also you get paid through those means. 

You will enjoy working with betwitus. 

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People around the world are really benefiting from this company. Our odds are sure win and as you win, we gain too. We take the risk of losing any game you play with us.

Wow i have been benefiting from this company, I first staked with $100 and was paid $140 after 3 days. this happened like 5 years ago when the Emerald Team don't have a website
Curtis Williams
I love betting, i have won many ticket and lost a double in the past but betwitus is an always win. this team are very accurate in their predictions.
Solomon Drill
Am very happy for the team that founded this company, their predition are very accurate, when you bet with them, they take the risk of losing.
Shun Ma



Jerry Huatin
Gilbert Adams
Uhuru Essien
Chloe Austin

The Emerald team are the brains behind Betwitus, Betwitus has always been their dreams after they discovered their talent to predict on sports matches. They failed in providing sure predictions in the most loved sports events, soccer and basketball. This failure made the team to be interested and focus on other sports which are Ice Hockey, Table Tennis, E Sport and Cricket. 


Unlike other prediction companies, Betwitus founders predict psychologically, mathematically and statistically. The team takes their time to be able to predict accurately to prevent lost of games.


Let me take you back five years ago when there was nothing like Betwitus, Back then this now multi-million dollar company was just a dream possessed by the Emerald team.


The Emerald team of recent involves four vibrant individuals from different countries, the team was formed online. In its origination they were three(Jerry Hautin, Gilbert Adams and Chloe Austin)  They didn’t meet each other 3 years after the creations. Within those  years they achieved tangible things. They started from creating social media groups, in the groups they sell their booked games to members of the groups and sometimes their customers give them money to bet with their secret sure two odds..


Jerry Hautin, a Polish father of three, married for 20 years now was their leader. He studied psychology/philosophy at the University of Warsaw, Poland. He is very good with predictions by psychology. He watches every single match played live on the television. His hobby is reading and watching sports. He knows a lot about it. He was like a father to the group. He discovered Gilbert Adams talent and helped build him.


 Gilbert Adam met Jerry Hautin  in a facebook group that was about posting bet booking codes. Adam was a regular winner in the group. He is very good at prediction regularly. He is like Jerry, who is a sports freak. He loves betting and gambling that is his main source of income. He Adam is from Dublin, Ireland. He has been in a relationship with Chloe Austin before he met Jerry.


Chloe Austin has always been Adam’s right hand. She is also a sports lover and a recognized Serena Williams’s fan. She handles the mathematical and statistical aspect of prediction. She is a pro in mathematics. She studied statistics in University in Dublin, Ireland. 


These three did a lot of wonders in the prediction industry via online, They made a lot of money winning and gaining a percentage when they bet for others. In 2016, they stopped predicting soccer and basketball because they caused them a lot of loss. They concentrated on predicting Hockey, Table Tennis, E Sport and Cricket. In November 2016, they decided to base in Cardiff, UK.  That was the first time Adam and Chloe met Jerry.


They wanted something big that will go worldwide that led to the discovery of Betwitus. The Capital needed for Betwitus wasn’t affordable. Uhuru Essien, a Kenya British Millionaire agreed to be an investor. Uhuru studied mass communication at the University of Johannesburg. Owing to his profession, he was made the media manager of the company.


Betwitus is really skyrocketing, with so many happy clients, betting with them everyday. It is assumed that in 16 months time Betwitus will be well known worldwide.

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